Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sick Baby = No Fun!

I haven't posted in a while because we've had a rough couple days.  Saturday morning, one of my cats, Kiwi, bit my daughter Olive on the back of the head.  He's usually pretty tolerant of her, but she must have stepped on his paw or something.  Saturday night, we were getting ready for bedtime and Olive slipped and hit her head on metal leg of the kitchen table.  She got a HUGE knot on her forehead.  Dada and I were pretty worried and needless to say, she was crying nonstop.  Here's the bump today.  Still yucky looking but with a lot less swelling.

So that was Saturday.  Then Sunday she woke up and seemed okay.  We went to a kite festival down by the beach.  Olive had fun running around and looking at the kites.  We went home and she started acting sick.  By Sunday night, she had thrown up twice and was acting really groggy.  You could tell that every time she swallowed she was in pain.  We took her to the doctor Monday morning and, thank goodness, she didn't have strep throat, but a really bad virus and her throat was bright red.  She's doing a little better today, but still barely wants to eat and will only drink a little.  The one thing that she's not turning down in popsicles.  And my poor little baby can have as many popsicles as she wants!  I came across these popsicles at Target while looking for things she might want.  They are my new favorite thing!  I love that they are so small and a perfect size for a little toddler.  Plus, Olive loves them.  She's eaten about 15 of them since I bought them yesterday afternoon.

Olive enjoying a popsicle for her sore throat with Dada.

Mighty Minis - The perfect size popsicle!

This is my hand.  See how small they are?

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