Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chalk - It's a Messy Business!

Never underestimate the power of a piece of chalk.  Setup is easy and the only extra material you need is a slab of concrete.  Olive loves chalk.  Well, she loves watching it get all over her clothes at least.  We're still trying to get her to stop putting it in her mouth, but for the most part, she keeps in on the concrete!  Thought I'd share our last chalk time.  (Keep in mind, most of the drawings are mine but Olive has a few scribbles here and there!)
Everything you need: chalk and concrete!
"Ti tat! Ti tat!"  I drew a kitty cat, which she loves. :) 
My little artist's drawings.  She's so advanced, right? :)
Adding some final touches.
Getting down & dirty.
Chalk - It's a messy business!

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