Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quiet Book - 2nd Page: Egg Carton & Basket

I'm working on completing the 2nd page in my quiet book.  This page has an egg carton with eggs that velcro on.  I used iron-on velcro and it was super easy.  The eggs are numbered with puffy paint.  I also have a basket that I weaved with felt and super glued together.  I still have to sew the basket onto the page and finish sewing the egg carton on.  When it's finished, Olive can practice putting the eggs into the basket, counting them, and then put them back into the carton.  Everything is made from felt and the words and numbers are handwritten (obviously!) with puffy paint.  **Tip:  Hold a hot iron over the puffy paint once it's dried to make it "puffy"!**

Egg carton & Basket

Egg Carton closed

Egg Carton open - some eggs in the carton and some in the basket.

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