Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Chopped" Challenge!

We like to watch the show "Chopped" on the Food Network.  If you haven't seen it, the contestants are given a basket with mystery ingredients and then have to create a dish using those ingredients.  Around the Olive Juice Mama house, we like to have our own Chopped challenges from time to time.  Last night, it was my husband vs. my stepdad.  My mom and I judged as well as picked the basket ingredients:  ground pork sausage, instant cheddar mashed potatoes, patty pan yellow squash, mini Baybel cheese, and Nutter Butters.  In the end, everything that was made was edible, and actually pretty good!  (We bought a frozen pizza, too....just in case!)

Competitor #1:  Jonathan, my hubby
Competitor #2:  Dan, my stepdad

The basket ingredients

Time Limit:  45 minutes......Begin!

Nutter Butters in the food processor

Chopping some red bell peppers and squash

Uh-oh!  30 minutes to go!

Adding some cheese to the potatoes and sausage patties grilling in a pan.

Cheese in the sausage?  Interesting!

Fry, baby, fry!

Squash and onions 

Believe it or not - Mole sauce made from Nutter Butters.
22 seconds left!  Get your dishes plated!

Dan's completed dish:  A duo of potato.

Jonathan's completed dish:  Sausage meatballs with mole dipping sauce.

In the end, Jonathan won!  And the winner gets to....clean the dishes!  Dan's dish was pretty good, too, but word to the wise - Nutter Butters blended with Baybel cheese and instant mashed potatoes are not a good mix.  Don't try it at home!

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