Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chopped Challenge - Round 2

So, this past Saturday, my husband and stepdad squared off against each other in our Chopped Challenge.   Jonathan (my hubby) won.  Last night, it was Round 2 - me vs. my mom.  The winner of tonight's challenge will battle Jonathan next weekend in the finals.....Prize to be determined!

Checking out our mystery ingredients.

The basket's mystery ingredients:  stew beef, mint jelly, jarred grilled artichokes, cornbread muffin mix, and mango.

I started by blending some yogurt and mango together.

I added some mint jelly to the mango yogurt.  My plan was to make a sort-of tzatziki sauce. 

My mom carefully peeling the mango.  Those suckers aren't the easiest things to work with!

The makings of my hummus (garbanzo, tahini, lemon).

My mom is mixing the mango and mint jelly into some concoction.  

Testing some baked cornbread.

I utilized the artichokes by blending them with the hummus.

My meatballs - stew beef, pork sausage, onion, curry powder, turmeric, garlic, cornbread muffin mix.

My mom's veggie stir fry - mango, bell pepper, artichoke.

One last taste test before we start to plate.

My mom's completed dish:  Meat balls and veggie stir fry over pan fried corn bread with mango-mint jelly sauce.  

My completed dish:  Curry meatballs with artichoke hummus, mango-mint jelly tzatziki sauce, grilled veggies, wrapped in a corn tortilla.

So in the end, I.........was chopped!  Booooo!  The judges - my hubby and stepdad - both liked the flavor of both dishes, but they said my mom's presentation was better.  Well, I would have to agree with that, but at least it all turned out edible!  I was a little worried with the mint jelly, but it wasn't terrible, just really sweet.  That means that next weekend will be the finals with my mom and hubby competing against each other.  My stepdad and I get to pick the ingredients!  I'll post pictures of the competition, so stay tuned!

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