Saturday, September 17, 2011

Angry Birds Cake

My stepdad had a smart phone and loved playing the game "Angry Birds".  He recently was laid off and, as a result, could no longer afford the smart phone.  For his birthday, I thought I'd give him a little Angry Bird happiness by creating an Angry Birds Cake.  I got a few ideas from the internet, but the final idea was mine.  I made one 8" round cake for the pig and 3 little cupcakes for the 3 birds.  I taped a piece of black construction paper to the bottom of a cookie sheet and piped icing to make it look like my stepdad's old phone.  He loved it!  (I think I saw a tear of nostalgia in his eye - I'm not kidding.)
The finished product!

Bad pig!

Angry Birds!

Poorly written message...!

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