Friday, September 30, 2011

Pipe Cleaner Fun!

 Olive was being particularly naughty the other day.  She had a lot of energy and was not dealing with it very well!  I came up with this activity and she loved it!  Along with ripping paper and playing with blankets, it's one of the few activities that she can get really engrossed in.
I had a bunch of pipe cleaners that I brought out from our art supplies.    Then I went in the kitchen and grabbed the vegetable wok (the kind that you use on a barbecue).  It has lots of holes in it.  You could also use a colander.  Anything with small holes, really...

Olive had such a good time putting the pipe cleaners in the holes and taking them out, over and over again.    I tried to show her how to weave it in one hole and out the other, but she was just interested in doing her own thing!

She played with this for about 15 minutes, just enough time for me to sit next to her and veg out.   I needed a break and this activity did the trick!

Dada got up while she was playing and got in the act, too.   :)

**Safety Note:  Don't leave small kids alone with the pipe cleaners.  Yes, they are soft but they have pointy edges that could potentially hurt.  Plus, if you have a toddler that still puts everything in their mouth (like mine), you'll want to watch to make sure they don't eat the fuzz!**

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