Friday, November 18, 2011

Pinterest Friday

I didn't spend a whole lot of time on Pinterest this week (shocker!), but what I did find was well worth it!  The best thing I pinned this week originated from an awesome preschool blog run by Teacher Tom.  His preschool class looks amazing!  Here's the idea from his class that I pinned:

Mixing Station
Basically, it's a table with a variety of containers filled with materials such as: corn starch, baking soda, flour, dirt, water, shaving cream, salt, vinegar, sand, etc.  Scooping utensils are provided and then the kids are set free to mix and pour to their hearts content.  In a preschool setting, this would allow kids to discover, on their own, what happens when certain things get mixed together - science at it's purest!  For my 17 month old, who is too little to understand those concepts, it's an excellent sensory activity with opportunities to practice scooping, pouring, balancing and all those fine motor skills.  Here's how it turned out for us!
The set up, or invitation: Tub with containers of flour, oats, water, rice, salt, baking soda, sprinkles,  and squeeze bottle of oil (mixed with a little blue food coloring for funsies).  I also set out a few empty containers and trays as well as put scoopers in each of the containers.

First exploring the materials.  Of course, she went for the sprinkles first.  I had to take them away eventually because it's all she wanted to do.  Otherwise, I basically just let her explore and find out on her own how she wanted to utilize the materials.  I did show her how to pick up a scooper and use it to get a material and then she took it from there.

Pouring some oatmeal into a coffee can.

She did a lot of pouring from one scooper to another scooper.  Great for working on those fine motor skills!

Practicing her balance and coordination skills as she attempts to move water from one bucket to another using a little scooper.  Again, I didn't tell her how to do this.  She explored and decided on her own.

Finding out what happens when water mixes with baking soda.

Squeezing out some oil.  I probably won't use this one next time.  I anticipated and was looking forward to a mess, but this just got all over and made things slippery and gross.

Eventually, she started to use her fingers to pick things up.  I was surprised by this because I thought she'd stick her fingers in the stuff right away, but it took her about 20 minutes.  All in all, she didn't really create a big mess.  I think as she gets a little older and really starts mixing things up, the mess will get more fun!  But, she had a lot of fun with this activity and I really enjoyed watching her little mind work.

Here are the rest of the awesome things I pinned this week that I have yet to do....but I'm working on it! :)
Contact Paper Play:
Tape contact paper sticky side up to a wall.  Provide things to stick on the contact paper.   Voila!
Sensory Discovery Bottles
Kid's wallet for busy play -
 Fill with pictures, business cards, pretend credit cards, etc. and have your kids use it to keep them busy at a restaurant or any time you're waiting!

The holidays are fast approaching so I probably won't have as much time to lollygag on Pinterest.  You know, family time and all! :)
Have a pinteresting weekend and keep pinning!

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