Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let's All Go to the...Library!...

...and rent ourselves a book! :)

We have about 10 great libraries in our city and up until today, I haven't taken my 17 month old to one of them yet.  In fact, before today, it's been about 4 years since I've visited the library, which is pretty sad.  My daughter loves to look at books and have them read to her.  We have about 30 books and although she's not bored with them, I'm starting to get a little tired of the same ol', same ol'.  I can't afford to buy much right now, books included, so the library is going to become our new favorite place.
But we all know you can check out books at the library.  The really fun part is...We went to our city's main library today and...Olive was able to get her OWN library card!  That's right, a 17 month old can have a library card under their own name.  Olive didn't get it, but I was super excited!

She thinks that it's something to chew on.  How original, Olive... :)
Or perhaps it's a toejam remover?
Our experience at the library today went as follows: Olive running around pulling books off the shelf.  Mama running after putting the books back on the shelf.  Mama trying to look at the books and pick out some good ones.  Olive pulling out more books and running away.

Okay, so she's still too little to "get it", but I'm so glad we went.  I'm planning on going once a week with her.  At our libraries, we can check out 25 books and keep them for 3 weeks.  Pretty awesome, huh?  The first day you can only check out 2 books, though.  Here's what we got:

She pulled the cat book off the shelf and said, "Ti tat! Ti tat", so we had to get it.  I picked the other book because it was one we just saw at the science museum we went to this past weekend.  (By the way, "Desser the Best Ever Cat" is the cutest book!  Check it out!)

I'm loved our trip to the library today.  It makes me feel good as a mom to expose my child to an awesome, educational, and free resource in our community.  Until next time, we'll see you at the library! :)


  1. She is so adorable. I love that you guys went to the library. I hope it becomes a habit and a cherished place in her eyes. So many kids these days don't get to experience something so amazing as a library or bookstore because everything is available online.
    There is something so pure and simple about a library.

  2. Yay for the library!! Elias and I go almost every week and he likes that the books are free (he used to call it the free bookstore) there as opposed to the you-gotta-pay-for-it-bookstore. We are able to indulge his latest obsession buy picking up lots of books between his card, my card, and my teacher card.

    I love the blog, Natalie. Olive is a very lucky girl.

  3. @ Natalie - I want it to be a habit, too. I"m just looking forward to when she doesn't just want to pull books off the shelves!

    @ Kimberly - "Free Bookstore" is so cute. Elias sounds like he makes you laugh a lot! :)