Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sticker Fun

My daughter loves to peel the stickers off and stick them onto all kinds of surfaces, but mostly paper and herself.  A few months ago, I tried the whole sticker thing with her and she would just end up getting really frustrated when she couldn't get the sticker back off from where she stuck it.  Now that she's a little older, she understands it more but she also has learned what surfaces are better if she wants to get the sticker off (her shirt, her nose, a smooth surface play table, the carpet, etc.).

Stickers are great because you can buy them everywhere and they come in an infinite number of pictures, colors, styles, even textures and scents if you want to get really fancy.  I've been buying my stickers recently from my local creative reuse depot.  They sell mixed up sheets of stickers for $0.05 a sheet.  I can get a huge variety for a very small price.  Another good sticker option are those free address labels companies send you in the mail (yes, I know they expect you to donate to them, but I can't let the stickers go to waste, now can I?).

Peeling the stickers - something that took time to learn how to do.
A nose - a perfect place for a sticker!
"I think I'll put this right on my shirt...perfect!"
"Which sticker should I choose next?"

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