Friday, January 6, 2012

The Gift that Keeps on Giving - A Year of Dates!

Okay, just to start, I realize that this post doesn't really fit my blog as it doesn't have much to do with my daughter.  However, it has to do with me and her dad, and without us, well, she wouldn't be here!  I'm just really excited about this idea and wanted to share!

I came across this idea a few months ago on Pinterest, but since then I've seen tons of people doing it on all kinds of blogs.  So I can't really give credit to anyone!  I gave this gift to my husband for this past Christmas.  I think that it would also make a great birthday or anniversary gift.  You could even do it as a wedding gift to someone, which I think would be pretty awesome.  So what is it?

In the box are 12 sealed envelopes.  Inside each envelope is a note card that describes a date that I have planned for me and my husband.  In most cases, I put the amount of cash that we would need for the date or a gift card.  On the first of each month, my husband and I will open that month's envelope together and he will get to see the date I planned.  Then, we'll pick a day that month to go on the date and actually do it!  My mom has volunteered to babysit Olive in exchange for us washing her car once a month! :)

Obviously, since the dates are a surprise for my husband I can't post what I planned just yet.  But as we do each monthly date, I'll create a post about it.  Also, we aren't exactly growing any money trees in my backyard, so I had to do this as cheaply as possible.  The whole 12 months of dates came out to about $120 total.  That's an average of $10 per date!  I tried to come up with dates that were: 1) creative/unique, 2) something we haven't done before (or don't get to do often), and 3) something we can't typically do with our daughter.   I'm really happy with the dates I came up with and I can't wait for my husband to be surprised each month!

Stay tuned in the months to come for updates on each of our dates....I'll have links to the posts below! ;)



  1. What a great idea! I'm curious to see what date ideas you came up with. I think I'll do this for my hubby's birthday coming up.

    Thanks for the idea~!

  2. You are amazing! I am not creative in that way at all and super jealous that my husband doesn't have a creative wife like yours does!!

  3. Kb - I can't take all the credit since I did get the idea from someone else! :) But thanks for the compliment! I'm actually going to post my January idea tonight I think and then my husband gets to find out what's in store for February tomorrow! :)