Saturday, December 3, 2011

Felt Christmas Tree

I actually posted this idea on one of my past Pinterest Friday posts.  I love the idea of a felt Christmas tree and I thought I'd share how mine turned out!  I bought the big green felt by the yard and I had everything else on hand at home - hot glue gun, felt pieces, ribbon, and puffy paint.

Here's the tree.  I hot glued a piece of brown felt to the bottom to make a trunk and then stuck the tree to our back sliding door with some of those Command sticky strips.  After about a day, the tree ended up pulling away from the sticky strips so I modified it by gluing a piece of cardboard to the back (not seen in this picture).  Then, I stuck the command strips to the cardboard and then to the glass.  Now, it sticks on great.  It's not as easy to store now, but the felt is so cheap, I could just toss it and make a new tree next year (I probably won't, but I could!)

Here are the ornaments I've made so far (Grandma and Grandpa made a few, too).  I plan on making more.  It was so easy and we made everything in one night.  They are all felt  decorated with ribbon, puffy paint and other felt pieces and stuck together with my trusty hot glue gun.  I made a few random ones and then a few things that would be familiar to my daughter.  Another thing - everyone says that felt is suppose to stick to felt.  I guess I didn't get the special kind because mine didn't!  The simple solution - hot glue a small piece of Velcro (the rough side) to the back of each ornament.  Now they are easy to stick on even for little toddler fingers.

Here she is playing with her tree.  She takes ornaments off and puts them on at random throughout the day.  She especially likes her straw "juicey" cup that she pretends to drink from.

A mommy friend of mine was over with her son the other day and had a great idea to make something like this for other holidays, too, like a felt egg for Easter.  Or maybe a big heart with lovey-dovey stick-ons for Valentine's Day.  I can hear the wheels in my head spinning!


  1. I love this! Next year I will definitely be making one for Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing the great idea!

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. This is such a great way of introducing the little one's about Christmas. Terrific idea. I like how you made Olive an ornament with her name. Such a special gift this holiday project is for Olive. Happy Holidays!